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Alexandra commented on Farmsquare - share healthy food

Love this movement away from transactional economy, and play on words re: Foursquare. Cool mechanism to build up/bolster local communities. Great point regarding food security, which would be important to consider if scaling outside of local neighborhoods. I also wonder if this might find more success within specific cultures, which have foundations for food appreciation/sustainability (would be interesting to answer/test this question via market research and empathy interviewing).


Alexandra commented on Awareness through Experiences

Kate Rushton Thanks for the feedback! You make a great point re: saving $ on physical space and instead redirecting those resources to focus on the product. I've never experienced the WastED experience at Blue Hill myself, but my brother  had attended a sitting awhile back. I remember him recounting the surreal fanciness of the event. I myself am super fascinated by the psychology of the dining experience in this context-- interesting how Blue Hill was able to build a brand of glamour and exclusivity around a product which users would otherwise be averse to in another instance. Whether the avant garde bright yellow 'alternative' logo, or dimly candle lit  room for each sitting, they did a great job of transplanting and transforming this disruptive idea into one palatable to the audience. Pretty rad.


Alexandra commented on Vykarious

Vibhu Krishna  I am late to game here but wanted to provide quick thoughts (I don’t have much experience in healthcare myself, though recently had a grandparent who passed and am familiar with the EOL hospice experience from a family member perspective. Also a student/practitioner of human centered design myself).

This idea is amazing! Serious kudos for such a wonderful concept/ prototype, and beautiful homage to your grandmother.

You mentioned that you’re looking for feedback on UI, and best ecosystems to test prototypes of the product:

-The typeface and coloration of your mocks draws up whimsy/wanderlust vibes, I think it fits the value prop of your mission very well. Awesome.

-Love the personalization of profiles and connection within the app between Vkyings and Mission Leaders (instant message/video chat, great)—seems like max fulfillment comes from knowing who you are supporting (or who is supporting you) and having a platform of communication between the two.

-Ever considered testing this first with families who are registered for at home or hospice care? This might be a nice bridge environment if you’re able to engage in a high touch manner with a single family and ensure sensitivity/privacy as you work with them to test the product (run into less ecosystem issues of privacy/legality than testing within an elderly home or community). Saw a few comments hypothesizing that starting within an inner circle (kids, grandchildren), before pitching a bucketlist across a broader community, might be more effective—this would give you latitude to test that specific concept too.

Additional feedback:

-Really touched by the goal of opening dialogue between those passing and their loved ones  – creating a framework that works to address the anxiety/discomfort of death within families might be my favorite by-product of the application.

-One idea re: call to action to share via social media: consider adding a mechanism to ensure sensitivity, given the delicate context of EOL. Social media threatens to dilute the intimacy of the experience, though I imagine vykings will be very proud of their connection to their Mission Leader, and may want to share these experiences with their close network. A potential work-around: include a pop up reminding a vyking to be mindful/sensitive as they click to share via social media? 

-Really interested to see how the “capturing” component of this experience might manifest—real time video messages from Vyking to Mission Leader, journal entries (combining written word with some visual articulation), inviting other “viewers” (maybe family members) into memorialization of the bucketlist)? Awesome opportunity for partnerships (gopro, Instagram, vsco, iWish app, etc).

Look forward to observing how this evolves. Best of luck!!