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Amy commented on Why people DON'T recycle

Thanks for sharing this Hao! This article provides insight into some misconceived perceptions and opportunities to serve unmet needs (I call them unmet needs because I think people really desire to recycle, they just need support in doing it). I was particularly interested in #4 – the reason being is because I used to come from a similar disposition – essentially, I used to believe that “my little actions WON’T make a huge difference.”

A device that helped change this belief (and to be honest, led to other major lifestyle changes) was this drinking fountain:

The fountain has a metric tracking device that essentially tracks the output of water and equates it to the number of water bottles saved by refilling your glass/thermos/etc (rather than buying bottled water). I think what is exciting about this product is that it flips that preconceived belief in the opposite direction – rather that the above, when using this device I believe that “my little action WILL make a huge difference.” The metric tracking device helps the user feel empowered, recognize the scale of impact, and further motivates a change in behavior.

While this is a public utility, I think it offers ideas for in-home usage innovations and ways to prevent recycling issues on the front end. I’d like to throw out the question to brainstorm– what other in-home devices can be designed with metric tracking features?

Thanks again for posting this article Hao!


Amy commented on Buddy System: Safety in Numbers

Thanks for the inputs, Chely. I agree, it's probably not sustainable to have a partner for someone everywhere she goes. I was hoping to prompt dialogue around what "feelings" to look at in order to take these into account for our solutions - and thank you for this! I believe you mentioned "security" and "relief" - what things provide help provide these positive feelings? For security, is it a device such as pepper spray or whistle? For relief, perhaps it is a sense of community? I'm looking forward to exploring these ideas further with you in the ideas phase!

Hi Kate,

Thank you for sharing this! I had the opportunity to hear the founder of The Lassy Project ( speak this past fall and h made made the same argument as you do here - that it is the community who needs to come together on such issues. His company essentially asks communities to download its app and then when a crime takes place (in this case, a child goes missing), a message alerts people in the area to help identify any suspicious activities. I am not 100% certain that an app approach would be the best fit with these low-income communities, but wanted to throw the idea out there in case we can build on it! Again, thanks for sharing - excited to see more of what's to come!