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Hi Haig- Nice proposal! I'm curious to know how your prototype could be just as affordable as other smart bins on the market. I imagine the additional bin would increase production costs, raise the price to recoup manufacturing costs and therefore make it the more expensive option on the shelf. Would you use similar materials (steel, etc.) to build it? A higher price tag might deter those consumers who are unmotivated to recycle from purchasing it. What are your thoughts? I'm looking forward to reading more about this excellent design!

Hi Neil and team! I love this project. I think the arts are sorely underused to drive socioeconomic change in developing and developed countries. Have you thought about crowdsourcing ideas from girls and boys about which traits/characteristics they believe are valuable in a role model/heroine? Passing these findings on to the local artists to develop the heroine might better connect youth to the character and her stories. Incorporating a participatory process into your proposal might also give the youth a sense of ownership over the comic and secure a strong readership. Great work and good luck!

Hi Ezra,

I love the way your project leverages intergenerational relationships within the community to create a safer environment for women. Your proposal nicely touches on so many fundamental aspects of a community based initiative. As you refine your idea, it would be great to know what type of support you might receive from local or national government. Would this system replace ineffective policing altogether or supplement it? If the system is supplemental, how do you imagine the two efforts would co-exist?

Good luck!