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Amber commented on The Sunday Brunch (Updated)

You might consider collaborating with local community colleges on this venture. Those that have a culinary arts department might welcome a hosted workshop with the given kits where future chefs cook a meal and forge a new bond with an older member of society. The college student might learn a new technique or skill that will benefit them later in their career.


Amber commented on Knowledge Relay

I think this is a great idea, and having recently graduated, I would be very interested in a program such as this. You're definitely filling a need in this exchange of information. How would you plan to raise awareness of this site so that both the just graduated and just retired know about it?

I really like this idea. My one concern would be safety for either person involved. There are a lot of internet predators that could use this website unethically. The Fraud Watch Network at AARP has brought to light how vulnerable the aging population can be; however, the same can be said of Millenials who can, at times, be naive and overly trusting of new people.

Obviously, meeting in a pubic place the first instance is a good idea, as you mentioned. I also think it's important that you mentioned that users provide site locations of their meet-ups. However, do you think it would be plausible to perform background checks on both parties prior to authorizing accounts?

I know I would feel more comfortable allowing my child (assuming they were of the age) to participate in such a program if I knew the other party had undergone a background check.