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Hi Natalie

I love that your idea will work in any community too, that's why it is so powerful. We have found that some of the most successful programs have also had local and federal government support.

We have a science in schools program which is run by the federal government Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation. The program promotes science in primary schools to help encourage young people ton takeup science. It has won a number of awards for its effectiveness and there is no reason why this model couldn't be used more broadly, say in introducing renewables and their importance in sustainable living. Equally the local government has a 'trip to the tip' program, where the kids get on a bus and ride out to the tip to look at how recycling works. My six year old came back with a poster and stickers and very excited. We had to sit down straight away and place the recycle goods stickers onto the yellow bin on the poster and the trash stickers on the green bin. This was six months ago and he still says 'no mum, that one is for the recycling!' It worked really well.

Just some examples of how this might work. I am very excited about your idea.

Other community settings would work as well. I think this ais a great idea to attract all aspects of society. But never underestimate the power of the child to influence the parent. School forums where children can be involved in renewable energy ideas that they take home to mum and dad, can really influence the community in leading renewable energy take-up.