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Thanks so much for your questions and suggestions.

In Kenya, mobile phone coverage is relatively broad and there is strong mobile money infrastructure. M-PESA, allows users to store money safely on mobile phones in an account to make deposits or withdraw money through one of many M-PESA’s agents even in low-income urban areas. A recent survey showed that approximately 81 % of users reported that they used M-PESA as a savings mechanism citing safety is a common benefit for using the service.

Husbands and extended social networks are integral to the birth planning process and we'd like to engage them thoroughly. From some qualitative research Jacaranda conducted we found that male partners perceive using M-PESA and a product like MamaKiba could help their wives safely arrive to the hospital even if they are away. This is a frequent challenge as often casual labour requires working away from home long distances and dangerous delays occur as laboring women wait for their husbands to return with finances and security. We'd also like to develop an interactive SMS platform to connect husbands (and other family) to Jacaranda staff to support the planning process.

We'd explore driver recruitment through extended social networks of our current or past delivery clients and motivated through some additional strong connection brand as the E-Waste Champion. Currently we have female Brand Ambassadors, but we'd like to engage their male partners (who also might be taxi drivers themselves).

To make the service more accessible to our low-income clients we'd leverage the possibility of "crowd funding" delivery and transportation costs through extended kinship networks and the ability of M-Pesa to making money transfers across large distances cheap and fund-raise to their extended social networks for health expenditures. Fundraising across family networks is a common activity for other large family expenditures such as school fees and funerals.