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Anne-Laure commented on The Talking Bus

Thanks Elana Blinder and team for sharing your idea. I love the idea of mobility to provide access. It reminded me an idea I developed a couple of years back for another setting
I also like the fact that you are taking into account the situation of these girls in context of crisis and providing them access to sanitary and hygiene resources. I remember being in touch with groups of volunteers after the earthquake in Nepal and girls and women were very badly impacted because of the lack of access to basic resources like sanitary pads or access to bathroom (esp. during their periods).
I was unclear from your description how you were thinking that girls in remote areas would have access to the class? via wifi or radio? radio might be an option. Wifi seems less likely.
For the situation of natural disaster, it might be difficult for the bus to travel but it could still provide a contact point.

You might want to check a couple of ideas:

the planet learning system might be something you could distribute:
This bus pilot:
what can you learn from them? How can your idea enhance their offering?

Maybe Toyin could be interested in partnering

Kate and Darren's model seems very relevant to your idea
I like the idea of training local volunteers...

I think at this point being able to connect with a local organization who works in this field to better understand the needs and refine your idea, and possibly pilot it, would be great.

Good luck!


Anne-Laure commented on Brush Your Teeth To Help Your Breath...And The Earth!

Thanks for sharing this product. I did a bit of research and found that " In the United States alone it is estimated that between 850 million, and over a billion toothbrushes, representing more than 50 million pounds of waste, are discarded and end up in land fills every single year."


Anne-Laure commented on A Circular Economy Requires a Circular Language

Such an important point Rachel! You do a great job to highlight not only how language reflects our assumptions and beliefs but also how it shapes how we think and behave. It'd be great to start systematically writing down these phrases and how they connect to certain behaviors. It could be a great start for the ideation: how can we "negate" / take the opposite perspective on certain of these assumptions?
I also wonder if it's also about offering other options. To take a very mundane example. my mother was complaining after stores stopped providing plastic bags as she uses them to discard her cat's litter. Talking about pets, I wonder what would be the option for plastic bags for dog poops (My mother used to have a dog)... and that led me to do a bit of research:
Sorry for the digression but it also shows how generative was your insight! :-)