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Really nice idea, I hope you can check the New Story charity, they effectively helped develop Haiti and have a really interesting model.They have also been in Ycombinator!!!


Alejandro commented on A Universal Basic Income for All.

In countries like Spain we have been discussing about universal basic income because there is a new politic generation that wants to provide basic income to families all over Spain.

I believe that initiatives like this can contribute to create the society of tomorrow, in tomorrow's World, machines will replace most of the jobs (the ones that add less value to society) and machines will effectively produce value to society.

Actually, the machines challenge is a difficult one, but I've read a lot about machine learning and I've already seen some initiatives that want to tax robots.

This is not such a wild idea.Robots are a game-changer and they tend to be associated with the direct destroy of jobs, but if they would instead replace them with an indirect salary, the model would be sustained.
As Bill Gates states automation is part of the future, but machines should be taxed in order to create a fair society.

I believe that if we want to make society a better place, we need to effectively integrate machines and get to develop a society that could sustain a globally basic income.