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Allison commented on Yventu - Team up!

Task Rabbit popped into my head when I read your idea, for its simple and easy structure and similarly social product. It might be helpful to do a little comparative analysis to inspire how to bring your vision to life - it always helps me!

Also, I had another totally separate thought: this idea could be a really cool model for an alternative summer camp/school for young adults! Camp definitely paved paths for me but also gave me soft skills that school doesn't always produce.

Keep up the great work on your idea!

The mobile "one-stop shop" concept is fabulous, especially for bringing needed resources to remote/developing areas. One possible funding model could be a university sponsoring a K-12 educational vehicle that focuses on girls, who too often lack access to education in many parts of the world. The bus would complete its route systematically so that girls who are unable to get to a traditional school can earn credits in a safe and reliable place, and be on the pathway to higher education and higher income. Would need to research the feasibility of whether or not the university/sponsor is paid back over time if employment is achieved. In whatever form it ultimately takes, the Pop Up Bus has the potential to contribute to regional workforce development through ascending levels education. Bravo to the whole team for driving the bus idea forward!


Allison commented on Millennial TechCorps

Your idea is a great response to the challenge question! What if you target a wider age range to get even younger people involved and pave the pathway to employment even earlier - like a junior TechCorps? The organization Girls Who Code has been on my radar recently and I think it's a great model to look to. Perhaps TechCorps can be introduced in middle and high schools in the form of a club, and youth can produce skill and resume building projects that qualify them for internships or jobs.