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You have to have the mindset of not editing yourself. Let go of the 'less than' thinking and run with the thought or idea to its conclusion. It's a discipline. Argue for your limits and they become real. How many tales are out there of actual breakthrough ideas that were realized in spite of being dismissed by others because of a lack of vision? Creative people are misunderstood and often shunned by the ordinary and the non-creative.

If this stuff was easy, everybody would do it. Cutting edge thinking requires sharp saw teeth. Each tooth can be viewed as a characteristic of the design team or the inventor. Creativity, sweat, drive, belief, persistence, vision, risk, intuition, synergy, imagination, confidence, inspiration, validation, anticipation, collaboration, walking the tightrope...... all of these and more are the individual "teeth" on the saw of our cutting edge thinking. The more teeth you have and the sharper they are, the better the cutting process goes.


Alan commented on Smart Failure

Embrace failure. In fact, go after it. Seek it out as an essential way to assist in getting where you want to go. One critical way to plow through to a successful conclusion is to be fully capable of withstanding all of the sometimes nasty headwinds encountered along the way. And then learning from them. They are a virtual certainty, so welcome them with open arms. Use them as stepping stones instead of viewing them as stumbling blocks. Argue for your limits and they become real. Using failure as a catalyst for pushing through your limits allows you to go much further. Changing "This doesn't work" to "This doesn't work yet" is where the magic is. The distinction is subtle but enormously powerful.