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Hi Burcu. I love the amount of thought you have put into the website prototype and getting some initial user feedback. I am curious to know, what are some next steps you plan to take with this challenge? Have you thought about creating a pilot? 


Manal commented on Mortality Coach

Great conversation around wording and significance! Question: how do we frame this coaching beyond just its title so that it is both appealing and imperative to people of all ages? How are we to convince young, healthy people that this coaching is necessary, and how do we communicate that? I agree that this is an entire culture change we're hoping to achieve, so how can we start? 

Look forward to updates before the Refinement phase comes to a close!


Manal commented on Living Well After Loss Listening Tour

This is great - I love the aspect of food and just easy, natural conversation. As the Refinement phase is coming to a close, have you thought about what this Guide would look like? How do the pop-up dinners feed into the creation of the Guide? It seems like it could work in much like a Pintrest-y, collaborative social media way. Also are you thinking about which community organizations and spaces you'd partner with? It might be powerful to target institutions that work in EOL, as there would naturally be a community experiencing loss and life after loss. Best of luck with this idea, it's wonderful!