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What an emotionally compelling initiative. I image an older person that has missed for a long time to share a bottle of wine with friends and having a good time. You make it possible. Thank you.

Hi Eldy, I agree: physical conditions are definitely a concern. What was my intention:
- When people start their professional life in my culture, they don't think of what will happen when they are about to become a so cold elder person. When time goes by, often thex experience that there is two chances left: stop working and do nothing, or look for an alternative. But which, and what? My proposal was to give people a chance to add additional credits to improve pension, reduce their current effort on current job, and add something that they would love to do instead. I know a good number of people at 55 that contemplate about if they really wonna do for the next 10 years what they are doing now. On the other side, the communities, local NGOs look for people that are simply reading books with children, paint with them. A craftsman or woman could work with other people to show them how to do all things on their own, as example. It wouldn't be that exhausting, but we all would benefit. Interestingly, we think this should be done by volunteers. Why shouldn't we ad a society, acknowledge the effort by contributing to improve the life ad a pensionaire? And, probably, that person would keep doing this for much more time. We already know, that staying active - physically and even more mentally -improves the health status. Women not being physically active for at least 30 to 45 mins a day, are 8 years older than women being active. So, could be a.ein-win situation. Does this make sense to you? Sorry for the typos or owful language.