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OpenIDEO commented on Somo Advisory Hub

Hi Somo Hub Team! The Amplify Team and our experts have some feedback for you:

Your idea is really exciting and a bold, new approach to focus on the intersection of youth and the urban informal sector - well done! 

We have a few questions for you and encourage you to think about them as you improve and refine your idea. Will you have a stewardship component to your program (i.e. will successful benefactors of your hub contribute back to the network?)? Can you incorporate more of your beneficiary feedback into your idea? How do you foresee your program's viability? Have you considered how entrepreneurs in your space will help defray program costs and contribute to the program's long-term financial viability? In your bar graph, your 1:1 mentorship is a service delivery modality while all but one of the other areas are content-driven (i.e., management, investor identification, marketing). Are there other service delivery modalities that are worthwhile and promising?

Looking forward to learning and reading more about your idea! 


OpenIDEO commented on LaunchPad: A Flying Kites Initiative

Hi Flying Kites Team! The Amplify Team and our experts have some feedback for you:

This is a really exciting approach and targets a different demographic. We like that your idea focuses on intervening and providing solutions to youth that build strong networks and soft skills in order to succeed. One of our experts write, "What really excites me about the project is that it takes the very underprivileged youth from where they are to develop skills that they would never learn at school and help them develop a life project." Your idea really incorporates values of human-centered design as you seek feedback and iterate on your offerings - job well done! 

We have some questions we encourage you to think about as you refine your idea! What age are you targeting? What stage is Launchpad in currently?  How do you recruit strong mentors for the program? Is there any stewardship involved with the graduates of your program?

What types of partnerships are you creating to strengthen the program's viability? How does the project envision the different needs between boys and girls/ men and women? Last, but not least: can you tell us more about the projects that youth want to develop after the program (what jobs? career? how many do want to start a business)? 

Looking forward to reading more! 


OpenIDEO commented on Women In Africa Hub - WINAH

Hi Yetunde! The Amplify Team and our experts have some feedback for you:

You clearly incorporate your passion for your program and idea into your submission - well done! There are few questions we encourage you to think about as you refine your idea. How is this incorporated into your idea and submission? What is the content of your trainings and activities? How will this be delivered? What is the time span for these workshops and partnerships? 

You listed a high number of lives improved, but with no detail, and we are keen to know more about your work! How have these lives improved? How are you measuring this impact?

Your transgenerational idea is exciting and we are looking forward to seeing more!