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Adefolami commented on Food Innovation Nervecenter

To every entire team, team mate and community stakeholder that showed up at our future thought sessions and shaped this vision;
To every single reader that reviewed our submission;
To every Judge and 'Jury member' on the selection committee;
To every single individual from the Rockefeller Foundation; SecondMuse and Openideo;

And much more- For every single child alive today and the 7million+ arriving Nigeria every single year;

This Vision is for you. This is our hope and desire to create a far better society than the one we inherited. This is our chance to solve deep-rooted wicked problems.

And with prayers to the most High God, creator of all worlds and days; past, present, future and eternal; Most Divine Intelligence, Lord of the days of judgement:

This is our public appeal: we pray you, "Help bring this deep seated and desired transformative vision of our futures to life within our lifetimes. As your stewards of this Earth and its resources during our lifetimes; we can do all things when you, the most eternal one lends us your seeds and your strength".

To everyone else: "we're grateful for your selection. Much more, we're grateful for the future we'll be cocreating".

"Our past is but a story told,
But the future, well, that will be written in Gold"

Adefolami Agunbiade
Project Lead,
Food Innovation Nervecenter
August 9th, 2020


Adefolami commented on Food Innovation Nervecenter

Thanks very much for your kind words. May we ask for specifics? What part of all these did you find professional?

Would appreciate a review. Thanks


Adefolami commented on Food Innovation Nervecenter

Hello Itika Gupta ,

Trust you're having a great day. We created a song for our vision. You should check it out in the attachment- sooner than you finc' mp4.