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e) Passenger Safety and Security - Sometimes in today’s fast-moving world, we are often in such haste to get things done that we often forget to consider our safety and that of others around us. For this reason, Khwela Mobility will put in places a transport policy and guidelines to help ensure the safety of our passengers, employees, and drivers. This will be an extensive policy that will include that the following pointers:
 Articles not permitted on Khwela Mobility vehicles
 Authorized use of vehicles
 Backing of Khwela Mobility vehicles
 Cellular phone usage by drivers
 Companions / Care Givers
 Accessibility of Vehicles
 Door-to-door service
 Driver appearance / Uniform standard
 Driver conduct
 Emergency Evacuation
 Expressive activity on vehicle
 Hand-to-Hand Passenger Transfer
 Incident or Accident Reporting
 Inclement Weather
 Lost and Found
 Loud audio
 Making Reservations/Scheduling
 Minimum age a child may ride independently
 Schedule adherence
 Mobility Aids
 Next day service
 Non-duplication of services
 Number of Packages
 Operating speed
 Passenger Hygiene and Cleanliness Standard
 Passenger No Shows and Cancellations
 Passenger Preparation
 Passenger Self-Sufficiency
 Passengers with Animals
 Payment due at time of service
 Railroad Crossings
 Reading while operating vehicles
 Restroom breaks
 Schedule Adherence
 Belts and Restraints
 Shared Rides
 Smoking and Alcohol Drinking
 Traffic Signal
 Use of vehicles for subscription service
 Vehicle cleanliness
 Vehicle Condition
 Vehicle fueling
 Wait time
 Wheelchair lift and ramp usage
 Wheelchair Securement
 Worn, Frayed or damaged restraints
 Passenger Liability Insurance



d) Intelligent Routing (Khwela App) - The Khwela Mobility software, which is currently being developed in partnership with TIA, is designed to take into account specific principles for ensuring ongoing increased efficiencies. Algorithmic applied methods and calculated formulas will instruct accurately the optimum routing options including switching of costs linked to the product group categories before a trip is executed. The above could also mean that contracted agreements with other service providers helps couple other services on the same trip or by picking up partner customers and vice versa. Also adding to an effective provisioning of a 24 / 7 ‘available on call’ service that works on a collaborative and cooperative basis.

The Khwela Mobility application will capture intelligence data (time, location, no. of disabled commuters per location, the kilometer distances covered and the duration of each trip within a specific coverage, its level of density and its time of day engagement. This is needed to build intelligence from a tracking and tracing need informing the company how effective (savings plus level of use) the route trip has been. Such data and information will then be applied to the forward planning logistics and distribution of resources and help attain peak, medium and low periods of automated call requests.

This is a way of tracking volume, capacity, time and costs related thresholds for performance improvements in the operational process. Service excellence requires effective and efficient engagement efforts across all aspects of the supply and demand information chain so that Khwela Mobility becomes a sustainable and viable business proposition. Developing the business along these principles and pathway warrants the following: -

1. Attracts and increase investor confidence which is needed to build and grow the business
2. Putting tools in place that measure ongoing quality checks for each product and service
3. Increased revenue plus reduction in net operating costs is the basis for continuous improvement.

Khwela Mobility will calibrate subsidized pricing and incentive pricing for corporate in many of our fees and charge out rates so that each access transport activity never turns out to be a loss over time. This is possible through a well planned engagement mechanisms that allows for an integrated costing service in order to reap the benefits of higher efficiencies in cost structure of the service.



c) User Needs – Khwela Mobility Transport Solution is designed not only for people with physical impairments, but for people with ALL types of disabilities whether physical, blind, partially sighted, albinism , deaf, Hard of Hearing, learning impairment, intellectual, mental, autism, epilepsy or cerebral palsy. Hence one of our operational requirement is for all our drivers, operational staff and management to receive a compulsory disability trainings on the different types of disabilities and customer care. Every aspect Khwela Mobility Transport Facility is meant to be very considerate, sensitive and accessible for everyone with any type of disability.

On that note, our surveys we conducted with disability organisations and individuals in the past months have assisted us to capture directly the diverse needs of people of different types of disabilities from our transport solution. For example, one of the survey participants from the deaf community indicated that deaf commuters are struggling to hail on taxis and to communicate with the drivers during the trip in order to alert them to spot at a certain destination. Khwela Mobility has therefore resolved to integrate request of services through different forms of communications, particularly by WhatsApp, Instant Message and Emailing. Another solution for the deaf commuters is installation for a communication button by the seat which can be pressed by the deaf passenger to alert the driver at the next convenient stop or alternatively through the Khwela App.

For the blind, we have discovered that it is very deliverable for the blind passengers to have a feel or even details of the environment during your trip such as ‘Where are you now’, ‘How far are you on trip’, ‘ Some interesting places you are passing’, ‘Updates about traffic”… etc. So Khwela Mobility plans to install Public Address (PA) system in our vehicles help will enable drivers communicate with passengers on giving them such desired info and updates during the trip.
These are just a few solutions that showcase that our transport innovation is considerate on people with all types of disabilities and that we are prepared to go an extra mile to meet the transport needs of the diverse numbers or our commuters with disabilities.