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Aparna commented on Interviews for humans...not robots.

Hi Sarah (and Bettina & Meena)

I'm sorry it took me a while to respond to the various comments....

I am conducting phone interviews for candidates next week as they are scattered all over the country (which I often find even more daunting than in person interviews) and will send out pre-planned questions and let you know how it goes.

Thanks for sharing - I had read about babajobs in the news earlier this year - great way to integrate the much used mobile phone!

My comment about reaching youth perhaps is more specific to the development sector - a lot of small not-for-profit organizations that could do with the energy and motivation of young fresh people but are often unaware of how to reach them (because of the lack of youth employees to start with). It is a strange problem because in my experience there is interest from both sides but somehow a disconnect in between....

Will be in touch soon, post the interviews.

Hi Bettina,

I was a part of designing the orientation camps, and managed to have a chat with the team that actually conducted them. They were pretty successful, I think particularly because they were quite rural. It is harder to spread the word, and access to information and the internet is much lower. Therefore the camp also serves as an opportunity for young people to learn more and understand the role before getting further involved. It does use a fair amount of resources, but I think hiring in general uses resources so its a matter of how you choose to use them. The youth were not compensated and I think approximately 20-25 participated in the camp that was held over a few days.

I have been thinking alot about how this model would translate to more urban or generally better connected areas and I think the internet has a large role to play - perhaps we could share videos and documents on work that the organization does before hand and then a simple half day working session would suffice. Any thoughts on a different way?

Hi Bettina, Meena,

Thank you for clarifying. Am setting up the process to try out the idea, will post again with reflections and feedback once it is done!