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I believe there are a lot of great ideas in all the previous posts, but the root cause of our problem is ourselves...the adults. We lead our children by the hand to their own demise by taking them to fast food joints and restaurants that boast of their ridiculous sized salads and sandwiches. Low income families know nothing but survival and convenience. It is up to foodies, nutritionists, restaurateurs, and chefs alike to figure out more ways to convince adults they are poisoning their own children. We need to take a stand to the brain washing commercials, toxic visual pollution of savory poisons, and wall-to-wall isles of chemical that present themselves as healthy and delicious meals. After 34 years of being poisoned by my parents and poisoning myself, I have realized there is a better way. Trust me, I love to eat and hate to exercise, but realizing that both go hand-in-hand did not make the connection for me until last year. I propose we all become good citizens for our communities and start demanding fresher products from our grocery stores. Stop the purchasing of junk food and the creation of new poisonous treats. Don't be tricked by healthy alternatives that have to use chemical to create flavor. Learn to live simple and love freshness. Demand the world to change. We, the consumer, has the power to control the supply and demand. We just need to learn to use that power.