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All moms want to give the best to their child. Thanks to food, your little one grows and grows day by day. So how do you give him what he really needs? What are the foods to offer him to help him grow well? We take stock of these 8 essential foods for growth, with Virginie Balès, dietician-nutritionist in Paris.

Food for growing children: the soup
" Eat your soup ! How many moms repeat this to their children when they sit down to eat? And for good reason, rich in vegetables, essential to the right balance of food, soup is a mine of benefits. "Vegetables are part of the keystone of food. They are absolutely essential and must be offered to all meals, as varied as possible, "explains Virginie Balès. The good idea to enjoy: vary the vegetables over the seasons, offer hot soup in winter and cold in summer and add toppings such as grated gruyere, diced ham, etc ...
Food for growing children: the apple
Practical chewable and easy to slip in his schoolbag for a healthy snack and vitamins, do not hesitate to give an apple to your child. To change, also offer it as a compote or a variety of fruit salad. Like vegetables, "fruits are full of benefits and are a primary source of the main minerals and vitamins that the body needs to function and grow." Apple but also orange, kiwis, pear, strawberries, clementine, etc ...: vary the sources of fruit as often as possible.

Food to make children grow well: chicken
With its tasty meat, easy to eat and low fat (provided you remove the skin), children usually enjoy the chicken. Good reasons to give them! Meat indeed provides good proteins that are useful for building the body including muscles and tissues. "For a child, a portion of meat every day is enough," adds the specialist. Chicken breasts are simple to cook and eat: opt for organic chicken or Label Rouge to control the diet of the chicken and thus ensure its quality.

Food for growing children: cod
Often, because of the edges, the children do not like the fish too much ... What a pity! "Like meat, which it can replace, it provides good protein," says Virginie Balès. It is also a source of many minerals and trace elements and contains vitamin D, essential for healthy bones and teeth. To avoid the edges, put on the back of cod. Serve it for example with mashed potatoes. Canned tuna and sardines in oil, very rich in essential fatty acids, are also perfect. for more tips: