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Super commented on A kindness currency for a digital age

This idea was very intriguing to me because I also use slack on a day to day basis for my job. Taking this idea a step further, I think that it would be very beneficial if instead of just sending an emoji to show appraisal, you create an entire slack channel that would be dedicated to showing gratitude through out and after the work day. The taco emoji could be used as some sort of like button on slack instead of the actual appraisal. Going through and typing out thought out compliments, aids the coworkers in creating a relationship with everyone in the office. If an organization had this sort of channel, the workers would be able to show gratitude to anyone and everyone in the office and people can stack up likes (sort of like the app groupme). Overall, this would be a quick and efficient way to spread the gratitude through the work place.


Super commented on doing my co-workers closing work

I agree with this idea contribution. I used to work for a start-up company where my team and I stood on the corner of a street during a local music, media, and entertainment festival called South By South West. We had to get people that walked past us to download our app, and had a quota of approximately 15 per day. Often times when my coworkers weren't done, I would go help out after completing my downloads. After helping them, we would all get to get off earlier and had much more motivation towards going back and doing the same thing the next day. I feel as if you gain a sense of trust with people you help and people that help you. This sense of trust can easily be conveyed as a sense of gratitude to your peers.


Super commented on Focusing on the "Intangibles" in the Workplace

I too am currently working for a start up company and have realized this value of focusing on the intangibles. The start up I work for has very few people and we all live in different states so it is often very difficult for us to collaborate in person. All the work we do is over slack and because of this appreciation is hard to convey over text. Being the youngest of the 4 employee's it was even more difficult to get the other employees to reciprocate any of the appreciation back. All of this started to change a few weeks into my job. My boss, the CEO, started posting my work in our #general chat and the other employees started critiquing my work and giving me compliments. It was after this that I really felt welcome into the start up and was comfortable with all of my employees.