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Aayush commented on Shishu, Sui Aur Dhaga (The child, thread and needle)

I really like this idea and I think it makes sense to tie in useful concepts like vaccination to cultural beliefs to reach more people. However one concern I had was that if people are tying these black thread on their children to ward off evil and its there for religious purposes would it be possible to convince them to let you add beads to the thread that may not be significant to their culture? Have you tried testing this solution anywhere? Has it been accepted by people?

I also had a suggestion for you as I read another solution on here which could pair really well with your work as I believe it too ties into adding sentimental value to the immunization process and you could possibly adopt a small part of it for your solution (giving caregivers' photo's of them and their child every time they come in for a vaccine with the vaccines taken, date taken on and next date they are needed on the back of the photographs. This can also be kept in the hospitals for records.). This is the link -


Aayush commented on 1-Clock

I really like your idea for caregivers to have a clock that informs them of the dates of the vaccines needed for the first year of their child's life, especially given that it's a tangible item that they would look at often. However, I do not understand some specifics of your idea.
1. If the hospitals and health workers are distributing these clocks to the mothers, would they be giving it out for free? Who would front the cost of making and distributing these clocks?
2. Wouldn't this idea only encourage women to get their kids vaccinations for the first years and not be able to incentivize them to get vaccinations after the first year for their child.


Aayush commented on PIC - Photos in Immunization Clinic

I really like the idea of providing a sentimental album for families to keep track of immunization and for them to know their upcoming dates and remaining vaccines. When looking at your work I realized that one thing that I always found lacking about the vaccination process was the naming of the diseases I was getting vaccines for as many parents often might not be aware of, know or even be able to relate to the many diseases that vaccines help prevent. When I saw the video of the prototype you guys uploaded I noticed the many names of the vaccines - HPV, DPT-Hep-Hib, BCG etc. and maybe one way for parents to actually be able to relate more to the process and understand the importance of this for their children would be for them to actually know and understand the bad diseases and conditions that these vaccines help eradicate, so if the album had a guide or short brief for each vaccine required that might be immensely helpful for parents.