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HI Kate,
Our production has already been created in a way that is easily scalable. I have a waiting list of hardworking locals in need of work and the production line, I can replicate easily, at a cost of course and can maintain our high level of quality.
I have been looking for local producers of soap and shampoo and have found some. The most difficult part is to create a wax wrap reusable packaging for producers that is affordable for them and the consumer to buy the end product with the re-usable product. In order for us to lower our unit price we would need more capital to order, in particular the fabric at a bulk rate of minimum 1000 yards per fabric. We couldn't feasibly buy it up front with out having orders first. Apart from capital, it would be great to have also connections to larger producers with in this market, for example LUSH, who have been creating some awesome package free campaigns by photographing staff naked and posting to social media. We are already ready to catch some big fish so that they can lead the others towards plastic free and re-usable packaging. We need a well know brand to set an example? IN general sitting here in Thailand we are searching everyday for kitchenware shops and supermarkets that will resell our SuperBee Wax Wrap products for us. Despite our video now having over 4 million views We still need to get SuperBee into stores.The quality of our product and it's packaging is really good and and it sells very well in all the retail stores it is currently in. I would love to be able to afford to go to trade shows and some help with distribution would be really marvelous.
We can expand our wrapping for commercial use to delis as well for cold cut meats and for wrapping cheese. I have a friend who makes her own cheese who is wrapping them with our product, it looks amazing and keeps the cheese fresher longer due to the elements of the natural coating. Perhaps I should not have limited my idea to just bathroom supplies but for many different products, including perishables.

Hi Kate,
I must have dreamt a case about reducing transportation of products. Case 4? :) Our product is definitely a case one. SuperBee Wax Wraps replaces plastic wrap in the kitchen and outdoors too. It will reduce micro plastics in our waterways. The product is already selling very well and we want to share this success with other communities in need of a boost. I have already a woman/friend in Hungary who could be our prototype. Essentially I would love to empower our SuperBee team and let them teach the women in the new country . We want to make a series of videos about how to start and how to grow the business, providing them with our equipment.We would have to make more. We have used local handcrafters to make our stainless steel tables for QC and waxing. The Hungary facility would supply to our customers in Europe reducing our carbon footprint as an eco-friendly social enterprise. On an even bigger scale I hope to show others in developing areas that they can profit from developing their own eco-friendly ideas. Thai people for example have been weaving baskets and wrapping their food in banana leaves way before plastic came along. There is a massive plastic pollution problem here in Thailand/Asia even though they are so resourceful and have so many skills to use alternatives. We want to be the change that shows them that they went down the wrong road.
After we set up the new facility in Hungary we will endeavour to Uganda where I have another interested party. I have options to work with another young man in Japan and a woman in Australia. Even though these are not considered developing nations, I think people need empowering and financial support all over the world. Together with my other idea here to start a separate business to make packaging for products like soap, shampoo bars and even cheese and our current SuperBee Wax Wraps products, I hope that we will have enough sales for all the facilities. I do have some connections with people who work as consultants for rural development and justice development in countries of need, that can consult and are already involved as our guides in the process. We would love some financial support to improve marketing and distribution to find the stockists that will sell our products and to find partners who will package their products with our wraps. If SuperBee has taught me anything - it has been about the beauty of team work.Our product attracts a lot of people who care and I think together with a good group of people and the resources to pay them something in return for their help, to expand our production to other facilities to help more communities and spread the plastic-free love, we can make this happen in a socially ethical and eco-friendly way whereby the right people profit. To be completely honest, when you say what do we need, we need investment, to pay people to help us make it happen. I think I have already a good network of competent people to assist us, but they cannot work for free. And for this design to be brought to market at the global scale? It is already on it's way...:)


Anny commented on Yourstraw Bamboo Straws

Hi, I love your product as much as I hate straws!! I have sent you an email, I hope that we can collaborate. Antoinette