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Abhishek commented on The mobile witness

Hi Amin I donno if you have read this concept, but this one is similar to yours This concept would help you in reaching a larger part of the society as we know not everyone has a smart phone. Using automated SMS's would be one of the easiest way of communication for a detainee. And coming to your point of the cell phone being switched off, Most of the Nokia phones have enough reserve power to switch on from OFF mode when an alarm has already been preset at that time. Probably this technology could be transferred and put to use here, I donno how this could be done, but i ll keep thinking. hope this helps you


Abhishek commented on Satellite Scanner

Hi there Hubert, The Satellite Sentinel Project is an existing project that gives real time imagery of the movement of troops, civilians and conflicts in Sudan. This is joint venture between George Clooney, Google and some other anti-Genocide organizations. The satellite images provide a lot of information in terms of warehouses with armor and other stuff.. Here s the link
Amnesty being a large organization, they could probably tie up with such organizations to do so or even use existing satellites to do so. And with Hollywood celebrities supporting such a cause, it also helps in marketing this cause and eventually create more awareness