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Reducing Mortality Rates in Rural Africa/
Creating new life paths for Rural communities/
Knowledge & Educational hub in Rural Africa

Reducing Mortality Rates in Rural Africa/ Creating new life paths for Rural communities/ Knowledge & Educational hub in Rural Africa

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Ayman commented on Medical PVM

Hello Manisha Laroia 
Thank you for your message.
All is included in my submission.
Some information are well and explained in more details in the attached presentations due to the limitation in the wording in submission. As well I look forward to hear anytime from your side to reply to any inquiry. Our innovation is very open to any modification or addition that will help the program.

Thank you
Ayman Khedr


Ayman commented on Medical PVM

Isaac Jumba 
Thank you for reaching the idea and going through its details, It's my pleasure.
Regarding your questions, please let me reply to each questions separately:

How you would envision your idea working in the context of low income highly mobile urban setting? Each urban or rural community has different rate of income. We are selling the services based on their income. We don't have a problem to return our investment over 2 or 3 years. We are looking for expansion and quantity. So, services cost in some places will support other places. We make sure that cost of our services never exceed the indirect costs paid by community, ex:ultrasound scanner cost is less than the transportation cost they are paying to travel and perform a free scanner in nearest hospital. Other services that are innovated and not available at all in urban city or nearest, are easier in costing as they highly need it with no previous availability.

What will be the problem/challenge your intervention will solve in relation to accelerating immunization coverage? We are working to early detect any diseases, making sure the future mother is safe, her pregnancy is safe till labor, will ensure delivery of a safe baby. Checking immediately the status of the new born, with continuous follow up and performing any/all needed action and give any needed medications and vitamins, to make sure this is supporting his immunity system. The awareness and learning campaigns and classes will ensure to change all the habits that makes the community lives not immune. Working on fighting viruses as HCV (in which treatment is available worldwide now) is one of the keys, as virus C is one of the most common diseases currently killing their immunity and spread the disease between generations.

Any rough idea of how many people your solution will impact? We are working on selecting the places so that each pilot support a minimum of 2000 persons/year. some places more and some others less.

And what challenges do you foresee while implementing your solution? The main challenge will be reaching the people and convince them by changing their way of thinking. This is why we pilot in the place with our basic services, then we create the need of the community as needed or requested. In our previous pilot, we've reached a confidence with population so they are coming now and asking for the service to be added in PVM. And sometimes they come and just rent a space and create their own project that will help the community. Ex: In Zambia, one entrepreneur came and rented a place with electricity to sell refrigerated items and it's the first place in the area to do so, while another came and rented a place with electricity to operate a washing machine and another place for entertainment and play station for kids......and more other services.Presence of electricity in a rural area makes anything possible to happen, we just make sure it happens perfectly. The challenge always help us to innovate and find the best solutions.

I hope the above have replied to all your questions. I will be happy to receive more and reply to any other inquiries you have in mind.

Thank you
Ayman Khedr