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Suren commented on Struggle with Luxury and Poverty

Thank you Raymond for interesting comment!

You are saying that most of people just cannot resist from the enjoyment in luxury goods. But why? (By the way, I have written in details in an article about it.)
luxury attractive precisely because as a symbol of success give people a sense of superiority over others. They give people a visual proof of their success. That is why people are so attracted to these subjects. That is why they are so attractive.

I'll give you an example: imagine that a person has an expensive car, for example, the new Rolls Royce. But we artificially deprive it of its symbolic part - tear away metal figure, remove the emblem of the car, and on its hood draw unsightly graffiti. the owner of the car will get pleasure from this car as before? I am sure that he would immediately abandon such a car and do not even come near to him, though physically the machine will remain completely unchanged. This will happen because the symbolic part of the vehicle (for a person) is much more important of its functional part. Subject luxury brings pleasure only as a symbol of success, and if you destroy this symbol, then the value of this object will disappear.

In fact, in my article, I explained in details why I define meaning of the word luxury. And now I can only repeat - I give a definition of the word luxury just, so we could have a rough idea of this phenomenon. But I do not set myself the task to determine exactly what luxury and what is not or what things must be produced and what is not or dictate to people what they should buy and what not.

My idea has set itself only one task - to create an alternative for the role which performs the luxuries. And that's all.
The people should have the alternative. Anyone who wants to have the expensive item - will buy or produce the luxury things.
My idea is aimed at non-violent and indirect decreasing of the social significance of luxury things and only. And if the social significance of the object is reduced, and this item will not serve as a symbol of success, the price for such a thing, will certainly fall too, and the demand for this sort of thing as well is bound to fall until this thing will go away from production. If luxury does not fulfill its primary role - a symbol of success - such a subject no one will be needed. But if a certain thing (which someone mistakenly considered as a luxury), as always will be in demand - it will just mean that this is not a luxury, but something useful.

Today only actor or a fool can put on his head the golden crown with diamonds and rubies. Because today, the crown can not serve as a symbol of success. The same may happens with other luxury items if people will use alternative symbols of success