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We highlight innovative, practical low-tech solutions to mainstream the zero waste lifestyle through education and outreach.

We highlight innovative, practical low-tech solutions to mainstream the zero waste lifestyle through education and outreach.

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Céline commented on Plastic Tides

Thanks for your note Kate ! My multifunctional soap is perfected already (I use it everyday)! I have a few design ideas for the soap holder that I'd love to get feedback on !



Céline commented on The Ocean Cleanup

Thanks for your opinions, Balnit.
As a scientist, I am very weary of this project, along with many other scientists. In fact, many scientists I spoke to at an Oxford University-based conference on 'marine debris' will agree that this project is a pie-in-the-sky : it sounds fantastic to the general public, but in reality it's not a great solution.

Don't get me wrong— I profoundly dislike plastic in the ocean too ! That's why I'm fighting plastic pollution via my non-profit— Plastic Tides. I sail, I SUP, I surf, I windsurf, I kiteboard, I snorkel, I dive ... plastic is everywhere, I know that. I'm also a scientist and I've done my research to help people understand that the great ocean clean up mechanism is not a viable solution. Over the last 2 years I can't tell you how many people have sent me a link to the ocean clean up (and it's frustrating).

Want to get rid of plastic in the ocean?
We are honestly better off doing beach clean-ups by the masses to get rid of existing plastic in the ocean. It's a cheap method that brings together community and helps people visualise the extent of plastic pollution.

I am just putting a word of caution out there, because the ocean clean up project has attracted lots of media attention – attention that could have been directed towards more profound solutions to the plastic problem.



Céline commented on The Ocean Cleanup

You make some valid points. However, I still think that a' big ocean clean-up' will push industries that produce and use plastic to keep doing what they're doing since there is now an easy solution. An ocean clean up does not incentivise the end of single-use plastic !
While some plastic might be removed, more will enter ! I don't think it captures the 'circular economy' objective.
Personally I believe it fosters "business as usual" a word used by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) when discussing CO2 emissions and climate change.
I'd also like to know what your thoughts are on the disruption of marine life using large intrusive objects in the ocean.