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Barnan commented on TechCare (Final - Updated 12/26)

Bettina, we are attending the support groups in the capacity of researchers. We haven't created a formal research program yet. But, I guess we need to do that to scale up the feedback gathering mechanism. Caregivers in these support groups are 35-75 years old and caring for their loved ones with dementia. Caregivers who in the 35-55 age group are caring for a parent or aunt/uncle. Caregivers in the 55-75 age group are mostly providing care for a spouse. Also, we see more women caregivers than men.

In our experience, caregivers are willing to try new tech products irrespective of their cost if the products address their major pain points. The impact of tech product cost on the caregivers is negligible as compared to homecare services, hospital visits, etc.

Targeting professional organizations of medicine, geriatrics, etc. is a very good idea. We haven't explored that yet. We have noticed that professionals in nursing and geriatrics are quite active in the online community. In fact, we are in conversation with some of them to see how can we enlist their help to reach our target users.


Barnan commented on TechCare (Final - Updated 12/26)

Hi Bettina,

Thanks for your comment! Currently, the products that we are putting up on TechCare are chosen from two sources. First, directly from our conversations with the caregivers at the support groups. We listen to the caregivers' needs and suggest products and services on the spot based on our knowledge. In most cases, caregivers are eager to try out the products recommended by us. Second, we hunt the web for products that we think can be potentially useful for the caregivers. We put them up on TechCare and gather feedback from caregivers on social media regarding their usefulness.

Regarding product reviews, we try to use some products ourselves as most of us are long-distance caregivers to elderly parents. Based on our experience, we carefully curate the product description on TechCare and explain how caregivers can potentially use it. However, we are unable to test every product in TechCare at this point. Some products are recommended by the support group facilitators and caregivers themselves in the monthly meetings. We are considering a way for the caregivers to be able to rate and comment about the usefulness of the products on our platform. Hopefully, that will give us more tangible feedback.

About the caregiver reliance on trusted sources, you are absolutely right. We plan to go through professional organizations such as AARP, Alzheimer's Association and Family Caregiver Alliance such that we have maximum target user reach.


Barnan commented on TechCare (Final - Updated 12/26)

Sounds good. I'll keep you posted on our development on API availability.