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Hi Janix, this is a really good idea to combine these 2 issues together and to incentivize both projects together. This aspect of poorer people favouring to pay smaller quantities is generally a fairly challenging one. Out of interest: what is the feedback from your first real users? I’m very interested to see how your project will develop!



Hi Eveez, with the recent Menstrual Hygiene Day in mind, your project is such an important and urgent one! We work in rural India and have experienced similar issues with girls lacking access to hygiene products. You mentioned that environmental conservation will also be addressed in your project, how exactly will you address it? Do you have access to reusable/ biodegradable pads? Would be very interested in learning more about this! Looking forward to your reply :)

Hi Muazu, I really like your idea! It is often difficult to get communities involved in such clean-ups but your incentive-strategy seems like a really clever way to get them involved. Also, the ideas about the t-shirts is nice but what happens if the same community wins twice? I really like Yossef’s idea about the prizes could be chosen by the community itself within a budget limit. That could create an even greater incentive! Next to the incentives and clean-ups will there also be an educational aspect to sustainability? To not solely base it on reward but also to change people’s mindsets? Apart from this, way to go! Looking forward to hearing about your project is moving along!