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Outstanding work.  Good luck with this.  


Rupert commented on Samagra (समग्र)

You are already having a fantastic impact. Well done!  
We are working with the exact same philosophy and have developed a unit that can capture the waste from the toilet blocks (we can even supply a bank of 10 toilets in a 40ft shipping container if one does not exist) and we clean up the waste on-site in a matter of hours.  The water that is regenerated from the waste can be used to clean the facility and wash hands, creating a closed loop for that water.  

Depending on the community, we can reuse the excess water that is generated for community cleaning water or even showers.  For some communities, it may be more appropriate to use it for growing vegetables.  

The system can also be used for recycling harvested rainwater, stopping that from going stagnant and becoming a harbour for mosquitos etc.
I would love to talk some more with you about the business cases behind these units as they can be provided at a fraction of the cost per head of a conventional sewage treatment plant and I have some very conservative business models that make a great deal of sense.  Based on that they also offer great business opportunities for the locals.   More than that, most of the unit manufacture would be done in India so it not only meets teh Clean India agenda but also Make in India.


Rupert commented on Restart [UOK]

We have designed a system that would be ideal for this community but we have not yet piloted anywhere.  We'd love to work with you on making this place the first in the world to use it.

In summary it is a small scale sewage treatment plant that can be co-located with the community toilets such that the output is clean water.  That water can be simply released downstream into the sea if that's what is easiest but it could also be recycled to provide a source of clean water for bathing, toilet flushing and general hygiene in the community.  We take all the dangerous stuff out of the water and will leave the coastline in that area clean.  They key to poisoning is to first stop the poisoning and we can do that along the coast by providing enough toilets and mini-treatment plans to stem the flow of sewage into the water.  From there it's the virtuous cycle of health and cleanliness, not the vicious cycle of pollution.

We are based in Canada so have not yet broken into the Indian market but it is India that was the inspiration for this innovation so we want to get there asap.