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Sujaya commented on Interview with educator of a large spectrum

Coming from India, I am not surprised that women think of reproduction as only a way to reproduce and please their companions. In traditional Indian culture, people are not taught about sex until they are about to be married, and marriages are frequently arranged.
Growing up in the US, with a much more open sexual culture has been conflicting and difficult for my family to deal with. I am curious to learn more about whether the wealthier schools are teaching anything about sexual education vs the poorer schools may not be. I am also curious if there are any initiatives in Turkey to help make reproductive health more widespread and common to talk about.


Sujaya commented on Tanzania's Revolution of Sex Education

This is wonderful example of a country being solution oriented and taking in the needs of their citizens. These leaders were proactive and found a way to make an important topic readily available to children.


Sujaya commented on Interview with young leader in Egypt

This sort of story is common also here in the US. There is minimal education given in public schools, and the education that is given is not clear, rather is confusing. Children often do turn to the internet, and it is dangerous since the internet is uncensored, most of the time. I liked the website and I think it is a good example of a resource on the internet that should be made easily accessible.