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Get people talking, thinking and living recognition by providing person to person thanks cards, and starting a chain of gratitude.

Get people talking, thinking and living recognition by providing person to person thanks cards, and starting a chain of gratitude.

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Nick commented on Gratitude Ambassadors

Hi there - our company is implementing a new recognition online platform and working on the organic culture piece around this to ensure our new platform is utilised well, and that gratitude and recognition lives in how people work together.

As part of this, we are pulling together a chain of 'recognition change champions' to do similar work to what you are expressing. We actually had a number of such people representing a cross section of our company staff go out to interview as many teammates as possible early in our platform design stage to get real understanding of what people want, need and would help deliver our target culture.

Its a great concept having local team influencers help bring this to life, and  it also helps leaders at the top end have a feedback channel on what works and what could be improved as we trundle along through this cultural shift.

Great idea - all the best!


Nick commented on Thank You Notes

Hi there - love the idea and just piloted something similar in my company with a messy little prototype. I went around to our largest three offices and made a 'recognition mailbox', and supplied postcard templates (with thank you quotes or memes - and some blank ones for the more creative). Thought I'd get a few people interested in sending a postcard to have a colleague receive a physical nudge that their work is noticed and appreciated.
BUT then people went crazy! I now have hundreds of these cards to distribute across the company. People really appreciated the ability to take a minute and let their teammates know that they do great things. Working on my mailout today and it's going to be epic - but absolutely worthwhile as I get to see all of the lovely things people have sent to their fellow staff.
So I endorse your idea absolutely!

Some feedback from my prototype - people loved the cards containing memes about recognition. I used a bunch from a five minute search on google images, but with a bit more effort you could also create your own that suit your messaging better...


Nick commented on Pay Gratitude Forward

I think this kind of idea is where you can really drive ground up gratitude culture - would love to hear how it goes. Very similar ideas came up in discussion in our team in our company so will likely pilot something similar! Great work.