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Darran commented on PPE Design Retrofit

Some other ideas that popped into my head:

-Nylon Stretch fabric around your arms, legs and torso to help keep PPE close to your body to prevent rips/tears during field operations. This could also help make more of a one size fits all suit that better conforms to each person's body.

-A front release tab to open the back of the suit. This would allow the operator to pull the tab at the front of their suit in order to open the seam at the back. This way, even if gloved hands become contaminated, the operator wouldn't need to touch a zipper or tabs near the seam (which could lead to contamination) in order to exit the suit. Also, the tab would be in a safer, snag-free (between the arms) location that could be better monitored.

-Hall effect closure sensors: With a magnet on one side of a seam and a hall effect sensor on the other side, you would be able to display a green light to the operator if all of the seams on the PPE are closed and a red light if any are open or become open during operation. Neodymium magnets could be sewn into the fabric as could the hall effect sensors which would be wired to a simple CPU.