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As I worked on MindScribe project, it amaze me when we put effort to incorporate emotions into our tones of conversation we can get very different output of emotional responses.
I worked to acquired multiple translations and recordings of different languages to incorporate into MindScribe and as I was coaching our native speakers, we ran into some difficulties. A couple of people were uncomfortable and felt silly to adapt Matuka's curious and caring tone , one person actually left the recording and did not come back.
I believe that there is a fear factor for people when they are asked to act more like children or child-friendly. Most people don't have a problem with joking around but they are not comfortable with behaving in a child-like manner such as curious or embracing their emotional side. Through this project, I understood the disconnection between adults and children a little bit more, moving forward I hope this knowledge will help me in visualize a solution to bridge the gap.

I met an engineering student who is a non-traditional student. He told me his life story coming from the slum, he was not able to do well in school. He failed 7th, 8th and 9th grade, was told repeatedly that he was unintelligent and dropped out of high school to work and support his family. In his heart, there was a yearning to prove himself, so at 33 he came back to school. Looking at him I did not see stupidity, I saw determination, I saw strength and wisdom not seen in many others.
My wish through this project is to allow children to foster their learning abilities, to allow every children, rich or poor the opportunity to push the boundaries of their potentials.