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Thanks so much for the in-depth analysis of our idea and the great questions you have asked. It has taken the team a while to think deep about your questions and we are glad to respond this way.
1. About taking the idea outside Juba Town: we say this will be very possible since in so many other towns and population centres, school structures have relatively been revitalized. This will on mean that we have to be careful with the variations in context especially as we develop the comic books since South Sudan is a very diverse country. Language would not be a big barrier since places where simple English is not use, Arabic is the natural alternative. A comic book with only illustrations would be a great idea but may not suffice well since knowledge about Sexual and reproductive health is critically low in most places. We are afraid that if the pictures are left to shoulder the information burden alone, there may be a lot of room for misinterpretation. We have engaged many of the education providers/stakeholders through our Hadia Peace comic book that is already being implemented in many schools in Juba currently. We are glad to note that the enthusiasm is so high and the combination of ideas we have used here have been welcomed greatly in all the schools. It is important to note that we have already developed a life skills curriculum (together with the various stakeholder) which we are fine-tuning to incorporate a syllabus on sexual and reproductive health and rights.
2. We have considered having a network of full-time volunteers from our volunteers program who we shall give refresher trainings in matters related to life skills based sexual and reproductive health education. This ways we shall limit the projects dependence on peer-to-peer education which even the students have attested to be less desirable. The volunteers shall be attached to each school and they shall support Hadia club activities including providing capacity building to teachers. The participants shall be safe especially in school since most schools we work with have guaranteed this. However, for the resistance in home settings, participants we have modified the project to include reach-out to parents right from the start so that the parents understand the goals and objectives of the project straight away.
3. regarding sensitive content, whereas some participants who we interacted with during the previous phase told us to include as much information as we can, the information that may not seem appropriate in pictures shall be put in words. We also decided to include a 24/7 free inquiries hotline to answer anonymous questions from participants.
4. With regard to capturing learning, we shall have both baseline and end line surveys as part of the conventional Monitoring and Evaluation processes of projects in general. However, we also decided to have our activity log bog designed in such a way that participants can record what they have learnt after each club activity. At the end, these activity log books shall be reviewed to tease out the lessons learnt. In a more exciting way, we also decided that at the end of the school term after all the club sessions have been done, participants shall engage in themed competitions in form of quiz, poetry, drama, art, singing, dance and so on. In these competitions, participants will directly or otherwise show how much they have learnt fromt he project activities.

We really believe that based on what we have achieved with comics in Juba schools, this idea shall do wonders with regard to sexual and reproductive health knowledge attitude and practices among adolescents both in school and out -of-school.