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Rajshree commented on Professionals as sometime teachers/advisors

Certainly, not every child (or even adult) learns in the same manner. Spark is extremely important. Thank you for emphasizing that. Learning and "spark" can happen in a variety of different ways. There exists the additional issue of... and I ask for some license in addressing this... legal protections and safety of underage students. I also have a background in Corporate Human Resources.

More simply put, there is a great deal of potential here (I, too highly value mentorship). Much planning, screening and safeguarding need to be considered.


Rajshree commented on Professionals as sometime teachers/advisors

Having worked as a teacher and having attended numerous presentations and workshops and training sessions, teaching really is a skill, no matter what age group you are working with from toddlers to adults. Asking professionals to teach is like asking them to take up and hone their skills in an area that is for most entirely out of their realm.

That being said, I do believe there is much opportunity and much to be gained from professionals who decide to pair up with students in mentoring capacities. Some of the other concepts have addressed industry selection and internships of a different kind. This could be more of a rotation. As students begin to experience different industries, they are paired up with a professional in that industry as their mentor who guides them through challenges. Then they move on the to next. Some students will tend to gravitate toward particular mentors and particular industries.

There are many things that would need to be honed and coordinated - how to match up students/professionals, sourcing industries/professionals/students, managing the program, student safety, screening, etc.

(to be fair, I was trying to submit this idea under the Concepting phase, but was unable to because of technical difficulties. I do believe there could be a blend of different concepts here. This one puts the professional into leadership roles. I am suggesting some tweaks.)