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Hi Melchior, great idea, and especially great job on the prototype website! I particularly like your tips for running offline conversations.

It seems like the impact of your proposal hinges on attracting contributions from lots of different individuals with lots of different viewpoints. As such, one thing that could be especially useful for getting your idea of this ground might be to put together a clear strategy for publicizing your site. This could take the form of a simple table that addresses the "who's", "how's", "when's", and "why's" of spreading the word about your website and attracting users - think of it as an offshoot of your full implementation plan. I think it could be really helpful to identify and list the most relevant places -both online (e.g., specific women's issue blogs) and offline (e.g., other schools in your area)- to advertise this new platform. Putting your thoughts on paper in this way can be a useful approach for figuring out what's practical and important in this area of implementation. It can also help you set and stick to specific goals for publicizing the site (e.g., contact # of relevant blogs by a certain date) and can allow you to easily identify barriers you may face and resources you may need to achieve those goals.

Great work again, and best of luck!


Evan commented on Redesigning the Bus Experience through Research

Hi Sonal, I'm also curious about your thoughts on how this idea could most effectively be expanded to other cities and transit systems: does EMBARQ engage with transport issues nationally, or are they mostly focused in Mumbai? Do they have contacts with the relevant national authorities? If you undertake this idea, what steps might be taken early on to allow Mumbai to most effectively serve as a pilot for a potentially national intervention regarding women's safety on buses, and how might you work to publicize and scale this idea?

Great work, and best of luck!

Thanks Maria, this definitely provides insight into my question - it sounds like you have quite a comprehensive and well-thought out curriculum in mind.

A little bit of research revealed some possible partner organizations that are active in Tanzania. Leveraging the expertise and/or other resources of existing incubators could increase the efficiency and impact of your program. If you're not already familiar with the Mara Foundation ( or KINU ( you might want to look into their work.

Thanks again for the response, and best of luck!