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Thanks but if someone can't be bothered reading and thinking, I'm not going to put further effort in ... I have no guarantee whatsoever of any kind of positive financial outcome from this challenge, despite 30 years of obsessive research, so it really just isn't worth any more effort than this ... if someone wants to definitely pay me, they can get further effort from me, but for now, that's all it's worth ( and even this is a bargain for everyone, because I haven't been paid anything ).


Trevor commented on Help with rehab therapies

Stigmatisation would end if we stopped allowing the economic persecution of such people, particularly by those who support the brainwashing of others into the idiotic belief that if you're poor, you therefore must have a bad attitude, make poor choices, and be lazy ( because by implication, they're claiming it cannot be the economic system or society's fault << this social narrative is not even remotely rational ).

Solving stigmatisation is the very least we can do ... this challenge should be about giving the absolute best possible healthcare INCLUDING the choice of options, completely free, to every single person on the planet who needs it, when they need it, without delay.


Trevor commented on This actually isn't an age issue

It's actually a nearly 30 year long obsession of mine, but as I said, I'm not willing to enter my intellectual property under the conditions of Open IDEO ... if you want to know more, you can read the overview on my website >> ... Open IDEO & others are welcome to contact me if they're serious about supporting my work for this or any other application.