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Nirav commented on Amazing products!

What advantages does it have over the existing solar cell technology? Agreed it sounds awesome but does it sustain the efficiency, cost and durability test? To be implemented I shall be more interested in knowing the immediate advantages. Else this may just remain a technology used to power small custom devices.


Nirav commented on Using Waste to Generate Renewable Energy

This is great James! Adding on to questions Meena posted, do you have a rough estimate on the cost of operations and how much initial cost does one have to bear to setup the system? I am just wondering if it can be drafted into a product like mini generator which rural areas could take advantage of using their household waste to generate and store power for later use. If made commerical (with some of this data available) we could work on some ideas to pay back the community in terms of cash, discount points at partner retailers or may be free electricity units in return of their waste. I would love to see your presentation and try to build on it.


Nirav commented on More solar roofs with solar tiles.

One of the challenges could be how could we modify this to implement it in urban areas dominated by high rise buildings where finding open roof homes is a dream.
And also the "angle of incident sun rays" shall vary through out the year which could make the solution unusable for few months like winter. Correct me if I am wrong, but don't you think it shall be much better to have these panels on a movable mount rather than embedded in the roof which could be adjusted based on change in season to provide maximum efficiency?