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Just one thought that came immediately to my mind - does it have to be "5 houses up, 5 houses down", I mean physically "neighbourhood"? I mean, today communities are not only the neighbourhoods, like people living in houses nearby. A person can have a strong community not necessarily connected by place, but it can be more virtual - aroung some idea, lifestyle, hobby, whatever. Of course, getting out to your neighbours is a great idea, but could it be also extended to other types of "communities" - people you work with, study with, have common interest? For example, for me personally, it would be very difficult to go out to my neighbours, who are mostly total strangers to me, while it would be much easier to organise some "energy event" at my work place. Of course, I understand the idea that one of the points of the project is to strenghten the neighbourhood, feeling of local community, etc. But the point is also to spread the idea of solar energy and inspire people to do the same - this can be done not only with your neighbours.
At the first meeting, you can ask the solar customers to define what "community" means to them. And maybe have an exercise of finding their "personal" communities that they feel attached to (or would like to be more attached to). Good luck!