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Dear Muchtar,
Thank you for your answers. You have a brilliant projects and smart ideas. I’m looking forward to see its implementation on the market and wish you the best of luck.

Dear Muchtar,
This looks like a very interesting project! I love this idea and would like to ask a few questions.

Firstly, after reading the above messages, it looks that this project is aligned with the 1-st case : Single-use sachet for liquid consumer products, although to me it’s functionality goes way beyond this case.

Sustainable package is great and eliminating fully small format packaging waste is crucial, but what appealed to me as a consumer, is having my products fresh for a longer period of time. Whenever the package is small or big, avoiding it’s waist matters the same way.

Did I understood well, that when you describe the “unique airtight, one-way-valve cap”, you mean that it doesn’t allow air to get inside? Is that right?
How much longer can the products last? Have you done any experiments on this?

Furthermore, could this help to reduce or even eliminate the content of chemical preservatives in food products and cosmetics? Have you any information on this?

I’d love to know more, and mostly, I’d love to see your packaging on the shelves.
I wish you lots of good luck!