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Marta commented on Teaching the newcomers

Hi Juliane,
I agree, it is focused on the children (and their families) and their needs, which is great. But at the same time some educators I talked to were still saying there is a lot to improve and that the model could be even more child friendly. There was also lack of much institutional help for the teachers, the way they teach and what they teach, comes from their experience and is their own approach, that they worked out throughout the years. Normally they have just a normal school curriculum to follow that they need to interpret. My project was about giving them tools for teaching that would also empower the children.
I had a blog that I was keeping for my own documentation purposes, you can see it here and the final result of the project you can see on my Behance page


Marta commented on Playpod: Play coming your way...

Hi Guys!
Thanks for your comment Morgan, I'm giving my thoughts in return :)
I like the idea of portability a lot. You could also consider having a instant playground solutions that 'pack up in a box' instead of having a whole truck coming with ready playground, maybe not as impressive but a bit lower cost I suppose. Maybe you could have units/modules that can be put together depending on needs and context. The imagination playground, you're using as an example, is not fixed to certain space but can technically be packed and transported anywhere. You could then have community leaders or even community members actually choosing what they need for example more educational or more hang out space, or different age groups. Another thing is to consider reusing and re-purposing existing objects or recycling materials, to lower the costs. If the price went down maybe the whole modules could be taken away, maybe not by individual families but a school or church, instead of only lending it out.
Good luck!

We were also thinking the same thing you're talking about. Involving the 'makers group' that already make baskets or other items into making toys or teaching children the craft. Children could also use offcuts of some spare/waste material to create their own things, inspired by the crafts. It would be great if you could test run it. Our point is to encourage creativity instead of giving ready made ideas so we could prepare a toolkit which is to inspire the weavers and the children to come up with their own idea. As we understand, you try to reintroduce the crafting activities to women. So another idea could be to provide toolkit for the home visitors that they could leave with the women to show them what they could do with the craft you taught them - if we could empower the (grand)mothers that's great too. Maybe they can make things for their own (grand)children or households or even start making or selling things in their communities.
And yes, we agree about keeping tradition alive, it's very important but it's also nice to let it be alive and evolve, that's what spirit of play is trying to emphasise as well.