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Peregrine commented on The social swipe

This project is so cool! Projects that use innovative UI to encourage charitable giving are awesome. Thank you for sharing, Francesco!

Hey Jes, this is awesome! I love the way you clearly break down what SWEP accomplishes well, and how that might be relevant to financial literacy and planning! I really like the idea of tailoring each visualization to the audience consuming it - I feel like this is so important to maximizing a design's salience and persuasiveness. It would be awesome to see a product with different complexities and simple settings for more complex and less complex data visualizations, so the user could tailor the app to their own needs.


Peregrine commented on Maybe Financial Education Doesn't Work.

This was super interesting Jared, thank you for sharing! After reading through the research papers mentioned in the blog post, it seems like Lauren Willis is mostly talking about middle class Americans understanding complex financial products more clearly. If you follow one of her links to, the author writes

"For consumers in middle and lower income groups, counseling was associated with a reduction in debt
between 2% and 12%, although at higher incomes, counseling associated with an increase in debt"

So while Willis seems to be very confident of her arguments concerning Americans, and especially middle and upper class Americans, it might be worthwhile to consider section 3 (Empirical Evidence of the Importance of Financial Literacy) of for a more global discussion of this issue. Note that this was just some quick research, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about the big picture here!