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Chris commented on No more plastic waste

Before I saw Zhiyue 's post I was going to mention the same example. I was going to highlight it because I think it's something that ties into the recent past. What I understand about the plastic ban, or more specifically the plastic bag ban (or really small charge for them) is that people still remembered a time before plastic bags. It didn't take much effort to go back to previous habits of using hands, cloth bags, baskets, etc. I think that this might be considered low hanging fruit, to go for items that have been made plastic in recent years for convenience and where people still can remember a plastic alternative.

Rosalyn Lin thanks for your comments and questions. That helps for this last weekend push. I do see this as something that would be implemented through policy change.I think the experiment component is key, and while an experiment would cost more than the challenge award, it is definitely within the realm of the possible for a foundation or venture capital firm.

Yash thank you for the questions. I'll be coming back to your questions this weekend. In all likelihood this might be like paid family leave, at least in the United States, where it is only enacted in some states. I think what also changes the dynamic would be the introduction of a universal basic income; taking care of the basic daily life costs that can make lifelong learning harder. I would expect this to emerge first in CA because that is where techies including Musk are increasingly calling for it and the Lt. Governor Newsom (sp?), and likely future Governor tends to have a strong pulse on tech and how that will reshape the nature of work. Also, Y Combinator is getting ready to do a universal basic income experiment in Oakland.