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I can remember being 11 and starting my period. The anxiety, discomfort and insecurity associated with that biological occurrence was joined by the natural hormonal ups and downs of puberty. I cannot begin to imagine if I had additionally been faced with missing school and falling behind in my education or being unable to interact in society because of the shame and embarrassment of soiling my clothes during my menstrual flow every single month because I did not have basic sanitary protection. This proposal provides a clear cut solution to that most basic need for sanitary protection, provides work and income for seamstresses to create the kits, and the actual kit itself is a perfect conduit for providing written material about reproductive rights and sexual education to young girls and their families. The fact that the proposal is also utilizing young girls from the community as a part of the solution by enlisting ambassadors to educate their peers is brilliant. We are most open to listening to our peers because we believe that they understand our situation better than anyone. I applaud Neema and SAFECO for providing such a common sense approach to this far reaching proposal.