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I'm software engineering research assistant for MindScribe and here's something I have learned.

Language is an identity, representing a store of society's culture. It's more than just a communication tool. As you speak a different language, you can realize its culture. We can have started building international values since early childhood to form children's wild imaginative world.

Well-designed reflective inquiry about their artifacts helps children think deeply and answer questions logically. Children's curiosity is huge, thus, we could support them to explore a different language.

Word is, since English has been an international language for decades, American people do not really try to learn a different language. However, there are people that actually want to learn another language, but they just don't have a chance. Our project could offer this opportunity to let them explore a new different language.

There are people exposed in bilingualism family, however, after children get to school, they become monolingual because most students/teachers speak the national language to each other. Our project can help them expand their ability to communicate in multiple languages.