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Kelsey commented on Learning to be T-Shaped: Business By Design

Thanks. Exciting to get feedback for refinement


Kelsey commented on Admitting Failure

Another thought I had was that cataloging and helping people use failure properly helps dispel the myth of the epiphany. I am always telling people that good ideas never stand alone. They are a combination of previous experiences good and bad that have been combined in some new novel way. I think if we allow people to really unravel the history (including the failures) of companies that are admired, there is a lot to be learned from the realization that there is rarely a magical moment, just lots of hard work. Of course the best thing a budding entrepreneur can do is just go to work, but it would be good to be able to ask "How has this failed"


Kelsey commented on Admitting Failure

Great inspiration. I wonder if it would be helpful to categorize the failures (as in this article to encourage entrepreneurs to actively seek out good failures. According to the article that would include:

Version failure
Small failures that lead to incremental but meaningful improvements over time. Examples: Linux operating system; evolution.

Predicted failure
Failure as an essential part of a process that allows you to see what it is you really need to do more clearly because of the shortcomings. Example: the prototype -- only by creating imperfect early versions of it can you learn what?s necessary to refine it.