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Kristabel commented on Rain Turbine

Your idea inspired a concept I posted ( about working with companies like IKEA to create lego-style DIY housing that can have components that is useful for the household to be put together to customise a suitable home for the family.

Since you have professional experience in architectural design, I'm wondering what's your take about the concept? I thought it is a viable concept because I saw IKEA came up with a DIY house for $86k ( Since there is no need for such a big house for slums, can it be designed for a lower price? And if yes, do you think it can be designed that future add-ons, like your design, can be easily integrated? (Imagine the modular phone - but a modular house instead)

Wonder what is your view about it?


Kristabel commented on Build the Builders

Maybe this will also give them the skill sets to be employed in the constructions or similar industries and get out of slums!


Kristabel commented on Rain Turbine

I really love the idea of the collection of rainwater and filtering it as the water gets collected. I think it is definitely one element that should be designed into the slums. It will be interesting to see how it can be designed as something that can be added-on to existing slum housings which are usually in a very cramp area, and also into new "slum housing".