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Ola commented on Slum Communication Kit

Hi Vinh. We know that many universities use the kits. We hope that the kit about informal settlements can be used effectively in for example teaching architects how to work in slums. As I mention in a previous comment:

"Many of the architects are not educated in informal neighbourhoods and the organic growth of them. The common problem is an architect building a school by bulldozing a square. That becomes very awkward in a neighbourhood where everything grew forward. They need to be educated how the favela works to be able to do a good work that serves the residents."


Ola commented on Slum Communication Kit

Hello Lucy

Yes. That sounds that similar challenges to what we have discussed with Frej that mostly focused on India & Brazil.

How is the local government working with slum & slum dwellers in Nairobi?
How well did the slum dwellers self-organize to put up demands on local gov?
Is there lots of repression in the slums by local government (police eg)?
What would be needed to push public officers into caring and taking action?
What's the level of literacy?

We did not try the kit yet. But other kits been used to bring people together on other topics before.
A version in swahili would be interesting!


Ola commented on Slum Communication Kit

Hello Lucy! That sounds interesting!
- What are common challenges for slums in Nairobi?
- Are their specific problems in Kenyan slums that might not occur somewhere else?
- What are concerns that often come up from within the communities?