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Hi Betul and team, this idea is very clearly presented. To help bring it to the next stage, have you thought about how Dreamity will validate the experiences advertised to ensure they are genuine? 
Could the database be accessed by the 'Dream Seeker' independently through the platform at home, for those who may not be certain on what they are looking for?

Have you thought of other credit methods to manage fees if advertising doesn't completely cover the costs for the more expensive dreams? Also this idea might be of use to you in regards to this 

What about adding other ways to accumulate revenue to support their dreams such as  gamification, branding, gambling e.g. lotteries that may be of use, found here:

Hope this helps!


Kyren commented on Group Savings Account - Update!

Hello Crystal, Love this idea. Have you thought about the end result, how the people involved are able to take out money? Would it be similar to conventional loan schemes in banks? Or will it be a case where they are only allowed to take back their contributions and their share of interest.

I find your prototype clear to understand, but it would be good if you could present it to some people over 50 to find out their opinion on the design and interaction they would have with the service.
I think this research could be useful:

Hope it can help!


Kyren commented on Dreams Change

Thanks Christophe, This could be a great way to actively pursue dreams if finance is an issue.