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Peta commented on The $5 Womens' Worth Dollar Project

Good idea Maisha and I would imagine your group would be just larger than we had. We had a group of 9 families and we made a LLC *nd every month each family put 100 dollars into a savings account! We had a President and a TREASURER and a Secretary. Every 3 months we got together and decided what we were going to invest the money in - we already had decided to buy :half mutual funds with a month stop order for that through an insurance company and the other halF would go into stocks. We would buy more of some we had or invest in new companies and the investment grew in the 4 years we had the investment club till we decided not to do it anymore. Personally with the audience you are going after I would throw in a suggestion that you give out small loans and help the members within the group who have ideas on starting small businesses. Small micro loans are amazingly beneficial to some people - just getting them going and on their feet and they pay back the loan and continue their investment monthly!