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All the projects in this Ideas stage can be shown publicly on Shopificaching. All the resources each project seeks for implementation can be obtained via Shopificaching. The value and relevance of every project to every corner of the planet can be id

All the projects in this Ideas stage can be shown publicly on Shopificaching. All the resources each project seeks for implementation can be obtained via Shopificaching. The value and relevance of every project to every corner of the planet can be id

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This post from me is to provide my feedback now that I see the final 22 shortlisted.

I see all the shortlisted are orientated to helping the handicapped to gain employment. When the majority of youth unemployed worldwide are not handicapped by knowledge on how to hunt for work, ambition, or education. The majority of youth unemployment is as a result of lack of jobs in the market and your shortlisted projects are all orientated to pushing more people in to an under-stimulated jobs market. The short sightedness of Open Ideo makes me feel like I have wasted my time and money treating your challenge with more seriousness than you have given it yourselves.

Always the first to get jobs are those people that are most capable. So until there are jobs for the already trained and educated then you are putting in a herculean effort for small localised returns. My not being short listed is not a great surprise to me as I could see from the activity that it was unlikely I would be short listed. The hype over the superficial on OpenIdeo resembles what we see on Social Media. When the guru of national innovation Michael Porter states that the answer is business orientated and this pearl of information is overlooked by all participants then it becomes clear we are dealing with superficial participants.

It is difficult to post an Idea to under developed inexperienced minds as then I would have to write reams of text to educate. The length would bore and lose the superficial participants.

Looking at Popup Bus as an example: The amount of resources just to get one bus up and running as a success would cost around one million dollars in the first year. Yet it received the hype. Then when the answer to lowering expense and replicating globally comes from Clay Shirky and the willingness of people to contribute free of charge is ignored, I can not help but shake my head in disbelief.

The reason we have serious youth unemployment is because we have superficial ideas like you are promoting. You have just replicated a same as before idea challenge championing same as before ideas. You had a responsibility to the world to live up to and you have squandered it.




Dean commented on The Key role of Chambers of Commerce

Hi Charles. I agree that Chambers of Commerce can be proactive in this area of training youth. I have done via establishing the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia and organised business start up courses as shown in this film

But I really did feel like a minority as this is not what Australians in Latvia wanted to do so I pushed on with it at my own expense. I agree there is under untilised opportunity within the chamber of commerce global network. For my project I think they can be a good validating and certifying authority to endorse businesses for my Shopificaching idea.



Hi Pri:

Shopificaching only needs to fill the gaps and co-ordinate between all the existing components already existing in the market. The value for stimulating Youth Employment comes from this co-ordination that defines in more detail what the market suppliers are doing and how it relates to the Shared and Civic Values of people globally.

Shopificaching motivates more people to spend and donate skills or money as well as informs businesses what they need to do to be more closely aligned to values and be more sustainable. Because for as long as businesses do not know the extent that people care about youth employment then there is a corresponding lack of interest from business and lack of opportunity for economic expression from the public.

This really is a project that seeks to address the underlying cause for youth unemployment and not something to attack a symptom. When there is demand then the youth will be more motivated to bring there personal skills up to speed. Only when there is no demand do youth need to be pushed, co-ordinated, and trained. When there is demand the youth have all the motivation they need to hunt down the skills, training, education and experience they need to participate.

Before Shopificaching exists in the world then public money will continue to be spent blindly and wastefully with continued lost opportunity for the youth.

Shopificaching only needs acknowledgement from this Clinton Global Initiative for it to become a reality as a validated objective. Acknowledgement will start the ball rolling for resources to be applied, co-ordination to happen, and the gaps in the market filled.

There are already world leading examples of Shopificaching that can be used as champions to show the way for others to follow.